New Connection Form

Dear customer "Application and Agreement" Form commonly known as A&A form is used to apply for new connection, change of name, change of tariff and extension/reduction of load. You can download or you can get a printed copy of this form from nearest subdivisional office or from any of the customer service centers free of cost.

Extension of load

Same form is used to apply for the extension of load. On depositing the difference of security between sanctioned load and applied load, you can extend your load and avoid inconvenience. In addition to this you may also be required to deposit follwing charges/cost:

Change of consumer's name


Change of name is applied in the same manner as prescribed for new connection. Please submit following documents along with duly filled in Application and Agreement form:


You are also required to deposit difference of security as per prevailing rates. For companies incorporated under companies ordinance 1984

Security deposit is not admisible where change of name is due to transfer of property / connection through inheritence.

Change of tariff

Schedule of reconnection fee

Arrears upto Rs.1,000=Rs.100

Arrears between Rs.1,001-5,000=Rs.300

Arrears between Rs.5,001-15,000=Rs.900

Arrears between Rs.15001-100,000=Rs.2,000

Arrears between Rs.100,000-500,000=Rs.2500

Arrears above Rs.500,000=Rs.10,000

For disconnections on various other grounds e.g. disconnections on technical ground, for unauthorized extension in load, or seasonal consumers disconnected due to season off or disconnected as per condition No. 3 of Tariff-F

Reconnection fee

Reconnection fee is recovered for the cost of dismantlement, reinstallation, labour and transportation charges etc. At the time of reconnection it is recovered as per following rates on the basis of total outstanding dues at time of disconnection:

Disconnection Permanent

Consumers of all categories can be disconnected due to default in payment on expiry of grace period after disconnection notice. If the arrears are not paid, system generated Disconnection Orders (DCO)/Equipment Removal Orders (ERO) can be implemented. Your connection can also be permanently disconnected on various other technical grounds e.g.

Disconnection temporary

A premises can be temporarily disconnected at the written request of the consumer for a specified period. In this event you are required to undertake on non-judicial paper to the effect that you will pay the monthly minimum charges at the time of reconnection and will not claim for any concession on this account. You must also have cleared all your dues till the date of request for temporary disconnection.

Shifting of general connections

Shifting of general connections is allowed on following terms and conditions, where technically feasible:

Shifting of tubewell connections

Shifting of industrial connections

Shifting is allowed where technically feasible, on following terms and conditions:


All the disconnected consumers are reconnected only after clearance of outstanding dues. A reconnection order (RCO) is authorized by concerning Customer Services Officer (CSO). Apart from outstanding dues you need to pay reconnection fee as admissible, service cost and other charges/dues if applicable. Disconnected consumers having disconnected period more than three years should apply for new connection. In such cases no fixed charges/minimum charges for disconnected period will be charged. But remember new connection will only be processed if there are no outstanding dues against the premises.