Engr. Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan

Cheif Executive Officer

An internationally recognized professional having extensive experience in the Power Sector. Possesses well recognized leadership skills to inculcate change in public and private owned entities, to turnaround into profitable entities.


PhD in Electrical (Power) Engineering: RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.
ME in Electrical (Power) Engineering: University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia.
BE in Electrical (Power) Engineering: University of Engineering and Technology, PK.


Nomination as Best Scientist for Presidential Award 2009, Pakistan.
Appreciation received from Governor of Punjab for R&D activities regarding renewable technologies including Solar & Wind in Cholistan, Pakistan.
Chairman WAPDA’s Commendation Certificates received for devotion and dedication during 2002 – 2004.
Performance Bonus 2014 received from Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO), Pakistan as CEO of the Company.


As CEO (Chief Executive Officer) IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company having turnover of almost US$ 1.000 Billion) serving more than 2.5 Million consumers since February 2016.
IESCO's core function is to supply, distribute and sell power (electricity) in the area from Attock to Jhelum and from the river Indus to River Neelum in Kashmir. It services 2.5 million consumers directly, but touches the lives of more than 25 million people living in the 6 districts its services.

Initiatives undertaken:

Operational & commercial activities.
Have initiated maintenance drives in preparation for the coming peak summer season
Monthly T&D Line Losses (Feb’16) have decreased by 1.11 %
Monthly Recovery (Feb’16) from private consumers has improved to 96% as compared to 89% of last year
Financial management: Austerity drive has been initiated for controlling O&M expenditure.
Cloud based Customer Relation Management (ROSHNI Programme): Have integrated line & off-line complaint reporting for better & quick resolution as per given time frame.
Initiated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): The stuck up case of ERP has been mobilized for obtaining RFP from the Consultant.
Human Resource Management:
Procurement Plan: Have finalized procurement plan for the next three years for the approval of BOD
Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI): Have taken up initiatives for getting approval of Planning Commission for this all important mega project in pursuance of Smart Grid Infrastructure.


After completing 100MW assignment in record time, inaugurated recently, currently serving as Focal Person to assist near future planned 1250MW Solar Projects. Responsibilities included monitoring of solar installations, evacuation, testing, grids construction etc.

COO (Chief Operating Officer) Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power Company (1000MW) situated at Cholistan Desert Pakistan, First Phase 100MW costing US$ 176 Million , Feb 2014, significant contribution is outlined as follows:

Project Development Responsibilities:

Technical Bid Evaluation Supervision of Consultants 8p2/Germany and ECSP/Pak.
Technical Due-Diligence of EPC Contractors conducted twice in China named as CHINT and TBEA focussing on modules and inverters manufacturing and Bill of Material selection along with monitoring of PR (Performance Ratio) of installations up to 100MW in the field.
Participated in EPC Contract Negotiations with successful bidder.
Owners Engineer (ILF/ILF) / Germany Technical Supervision.
Generation Licence and Tariff Petition Technical Support and Supervision during approval from NEPRA.
Established R&D directorate after attaining proper training of PV syst. from SWITZERLAND in May’14 and published “An overview of QA Solar in IEEEP Horizon.
Trained the lower staff for technical and financial feasibility of Grid connected and stand-alone PV based projects, particularly for the verification of various EPC claims in terms of annual yield.
Established modules testing labs.
Participated in EPA finalisation with AEDB, NTDC, Ministry of W&P and PPDB.

Technical and Operational Performance:

Setup Technical and Operational Control Departments, equipped with state of the art technologies.
Visited Mohammad Bin Rashid 13 MW PV Grid connected situated in Dubai in May’14 for analysis of integration of different components while monitoring with SCADA.
Installation of weather station (GSM/GPRS) at site for real time monitoring of irradiation, temperature, etc. Sponsored by World Bank / AEDB.
Conducted pile testing to access the stresses on mounting structure being used for modules handling.
Coordinated with National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) and local Distribution Company for development of infrastructure for evacuation of Power at 132kV level.
Conducted the analysis of Power Quality issues like harmonics, unbalancing, flickering etc. and installed SVC banks at Grid to maintain the power factor close to Unity.

As CEO (Chief Executive Officer) FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company having turnover of more than US$ 1.000 Billion) serving more than 3.3Million consumers since December 2012 contributed significantly; outlined as follows:

Operational and Commercial Performance

Achieved Regulatory (NEPRA) Transmission & Distribution Losses and Recovery Targets and also met other major performance standards.
Successfully launched anti-theft campaigns.
Induction of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) based upon own Specification (DDS-98:2011) for real time monitoring, theft detection, optimization of load shedding, boost up of recovery while connecting/disconnecting the meters remotely.

 Financial Performance

Turned around loss bearing company into profitable entity through financial discipline and business process re-engineering.
Reduced Cash in Transit and compliance of remittance procedures.
Raised the collection from Rs. 84240/- to Rs. 94710/- Million and the recovery to 99.06%.
Reduced the payables to CPPA/NTDC.
Accountability and performance management at division level through management accounting system.
Preparation and presentation of Monthly Accounts in the meeting of Board of Directors.

Customer Relations Management Performance

Reduced response time and introduced customer oriented CRM.
Well-equipped complaint centres at subdivision, division, circle and head quarter level to facilitate the customers and resolve their complaints through one window operation.

Human Resources Performance

The policy of right man for right job has been implemented by assessing the credentials of officials.
Vigorous steps have been taken to improve the human resource management i.e. strict observance of rules, regulations and SOP’s, general control on expenditures regarding services, observance of punctuality in offices, implementation in labour management relations, reinforcement of training and encouragement of employees through awards, etc.

Safety Management Performance

In addition to the traditional safety trainings to the line staff, on line training has also been introduced to avoid the injuries and fatal accidents. This struggle helped the FESCO to meet the targets given by NEPRA.

Information Technology

Initiated the process of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) implementation to replace legacy system through scientific change management.

As Manager Design and Standards (NTDC), from January 2011– December 2012.

Dealt with Prototype Approvals of various installations like:
Energy Meters
PC Poles
Steel Structures
LT & HT Cables
LT & HT CTs and PTs
11 KV switchgear (Industrial Panel)
Cables & Conductors
Termination kits etc.

Issued the following specifications and SOPs:

SOP for change of components in respect of all types of Static Energy Meters.
Specification for Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), DDS-98:2011
IR enabled Static Energy Meter and Hand Held Unit (HHU) with AMI option, DDS-100:2011
Hand Held Unit (HHU), to be used in AMI, DDS-105:2011
Meter Data Collection (MDC) server, to be used in DDS-110:2012
Pre-Paid Server, to be used in AMI, DDS-112:2012
Pre-Paid Meter & Vending Machine Specification (Wireless Card and Keypad Options), DDS-113:2012
Revision of Drawings of PC Spun Hollow Poles

Regional Manger Technical Services (GEPCO), October-December 2010

As RM M&T of a Distribution Company comprising of four circles and 2.4 Million consumers (Domestic, Commercial, Industrial) contributed for installation, testing and maintenance of all types of energy meters and industrial panels along with supervision of transformer repairing workshop ranging from 10KVA to 200KVA.

Principal, Rachna College of Engineering & Technology (RCET / UET), Gujranwala, April 2005 - October 2010

During the stay contributed in the capacity of management and promotion of Research and Development (R&D) activities focusing the burning issues of power sector like power quality, renewable technologies, FACTS application, impact of CFL induction, etc. Also taught the subject of Power Quality to Masters students. Supervised Bachelor, Masters and PhD research work along with publications nationally/internationally.

Consultant to PEPCO (Pakistan Electric Power Company), Feb 2004 - Feb 2005
Main responsibilities included to deal with the international donor agencies like World Bank, USAID, Asian Development Bank (ADB) etc. regarding restructuring process in progress in Pakistan along with the capacity building of DISCOs, NTDC/NPCC and CPPA.

Technical Advisor to General Manager Operation WAPDA Pakistan Oct 2003 - Feb 2004
During this assignment, I have been investigating the Power Quality issues in big industrial units like ICL, PARCO, Pioneer Cement, Lahore Airport etc. and provided safeguard to the organization against litigation.

PhD, RMIT University Melbourne Australia, 2000-2003
Keeping in view the behavioral change of load and expected growth of load in future from linear to non-linear, focused on Power quality issues and contributed to power sector scientific community significantly, as evident from my publications record. During this program, I was appointed as Coordinator for deregulation of Electricity workshops conducted for overseas delegations particularly for Chinese to disseminate the knowledge of Australian deregulated power market.

Assistant Director Planning, Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO), Pakistan, May - August 2000
In addition to the practice in vogue for HT / LT analysis of the feeders based on FD RANA software, keeping in view the advancement in technology, ADEPT software was introduced for the same analysis.

Sub Divisional Officer, GEPCO, Nov 1998 - May 2000
Responsibilities include continuity of supply, repair and maintenance of the feeders and installations like Distribution Transformers, HT / LT Capacitors, MDI Meters along with the revenue collection and public dealing.

Officiating Executive Engineer, GEPCO, July 1998 - Nov 1998
During this period, managed the Kamoke Division consisting of 5 sub divisions and RO (Revenue office) in the same capacity stated above.
ME, University Of Wollongong NSW, Australia, July 1995 - June 1996
During Master’s program, I have been emphasizing on Energy Loss Reduction (ELR), analyzed the existing distribution networks and proposed the various rehabilitation techniques based on technical parameters and geographical conditions resulted in remarkable results.

Sub Divisional Manager, GEPCO, Aug 1994 - July 1995
Junior Engineer Induction Training, GEPCO, May 1993 - Aug 1994
Consultant Electrification of Rawalpindi Medical College and Holy Family Hospital, Pakistan, Jan 1992 – Mar 1993
Following the requirement of the project consultancy was provided regarding short, medium and long term load calculation, also prepared the electrical wiring design. Provision regarding changeover of supply was also included in the electrification design.


IEEEP National Seminar, PC Hotel Lahore, December, 2003.
Qatar Scientific Club, April, 2008.
Electrical Engineering Department, Qatar University, April, 2008.
Plenary Talk WASET, Bangkok, Thailand, May, 2008.
IEEEP National Seminar, AVARI Hotel Lahore, August, 2008.
Guest Speaker, SAARC Conference, AVARI Hotel Lahore, 2011.
CPD address on Solar Potential in Pak, Superior University, 2015.


Certified Director under Code of Corporate Governance Program of S.E.C.P
Fellow IEEEP
Member Australian Solar Council
Member ISES (International Solar Energy Society)
Member SAISA
Member, Institute of Engineers Australia MIE (Australia)
Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, MIEEE (USA)
Member, Institution of Engineers, MIEE (UK)
Member, Pakistan Engineering Council MPEC
Expert Accreditation Team, Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC)


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Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad

Director General (HR & Admn)

Mr. Mushtaq Ahmad is working as Director General (HR & Admn) since April 2012 in Islamabad Electric Supply Company Limited, Islamabad. He is Masters in IR from Peshawar University and Masters in HR from SZABIST, Islamabad. He joined WAPDA as Assistant Director (Admn) in 1986 and in a span of more than 26 years; he has gained diversified experience of serving various formations working under the Umbrella of WAPDA including GM (Water) North Peshawar, Tarbela Dam Project, WAPDA Administrative Staff College (WASC) Islamabad and Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO) before posting in Islamabad Electric Supply Company, Islamabad in 2009. He has the natural talent of HR expertise as eminent from his fabulous career track record. He also remained professional trainer/faculty member of WASC Islamabad during his posting in 2001 to 2004. He is a dynamic professional with methodical approach who strives to achieve excellence by being change initiator/leader to make Company HR vision a ground reality. He has attended numerous HR Trainings from various prominent local and Foreign Institutes i.e. LUMS, PIM, PMI, USA (under USAID Program) and AIT Bangkok.



Mr. Raees Haider

Finance Director

Mr. Raees Haider is working as Finance Director since May 2015. He joined Islamabad Electric Supply Company Limited, as Deputy Director Accounts in 2006. He started his career with Saif Group of companies in 1996. He has 20 years of proven track record in developing business strategies, finance, audit, budget, financial assets, treasury and financial reporting. He has attended numerous financial management trainings from various prominent local and foreign Institutes i.e. USA (under USAID Program), World Bank, Asian Development Bank and AIT Bangkok.



Mr. Safdar Iqbal

Manager (Internal Audit)

He joined Internal Audit WAPDA on 07.10.1986 as Assistant Audit Officer. In recognition to his meritorious performance, he was awarded accelerated promotion as Audit Officer on 10.05.2003. He was promoted as Deputy Manager (IA) on 17.04.2013 and now he has taken over the charge of Manager (IA) IESCO on 22.04.2016.
He is MBA (Finance) and thereafter passed MS (Project Management). He is also a member of Professional body i.e. PIPFA.